Teacher Training

They YAY certification Instructor training certifies qualified individuals to teach:

• The YAY Generation program to students K-5 as PE or Enrichment

• Offers Tools for Teachers Program to classroom Teachers

• Private businesses (yoga studios, fitness centers/Gyms, team sport coaches) to add youth yoga to their menu of services and class schedules.

You qualify for the K-5 Instructor Training, if you:

• Have completed a yoga teacher training or equivalent*

• Are a physical education, school or community coach, dance or other movement teacher who also practices yoga proficiently

• Are a certified yoga teacher who wants to teach yoga education in schools

• Equivalent means that you have many years experience in yoga as well as a higher education degree or expertise in a related field of study such as dance, martial arts, physical education, etc.

Bring YAY Generation Programs to your School or District

You come to YAY

• Send a qualified teacher(s) to our Instructor Training or PE Instructor Training

• Upon completion, they are ready to implement YAY with students and/or teachers

YAY comes to you

• Hire a YAY Instructor(s) to teach the program at your site(s)

• Hire a YAY trainer to train your classroom and PE staff in YAY Program

• For an immediate response or to learn more about YAY training schedules and qualifications, click the contact tab and leave your information.