Curriculum Based Lesson Plans

The lesson plans are organized into three programs. Each part is a focused exploration of body, mind and self. Students are guided in their inquiry via a variety of components in order to learn through experience.

Grades K-2

Physical Awareness and Skills

Body and kinesthetic sense, spatial and environmental awareness, movement coordination, attention span, awareness of breathe, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and grace.

Grades 3-5

Mental and Emotional Awareness and Skills

Our vision is to create meaningful skills targeted towards today’s generation for understanding yoga and why it is beneficial to health. The program introduces information on the body, mind and self. It is also an exploration and training in the physical components of yoga: breathing, synchronized breath and movement, alignment, focus, concentration, effort, relaxation, finesse, balance, flexibility and equanimity.

Unit One – Body

Introduction:  What is yoga? 

Lesson 1: Body Parts 

Lesson 2: Breathing

Lesson 3: Posture/Alignment

Lesson 4: Center

Lesson 5: Finesse

Lesson 6: Balance

Unit Two – Mind

Introduction:  Postive Thinking

Lesson 1: Observe

Lesson 2: Listen

Lesson 3: Touch

Lesson 4: Smell/Taste

Lesson 5: Feelings

Lesson 6: Choices

Unit Three – Self

Introduction:  Self Love

Lesson 1: Caring

Lesson 2: Poses as Tools

Lesson 3: Problem Solving

Lesson 4: Opposites

Lesson 5: Partners

Lessoon 6: Teamwork