Y.A.Y - Yoga and Youth

YAY Generation, an acronym for Youth and Yoga, is a curriculum based yoga program designed specifically for a new generation of school age children. Yoga has been shown to enhance student focus, concentration, learning readiness and self-discipline. In this comprehensive program, the practice of yoga is age-appropriately integrated with an active, physical and scientific exploration of the body, mind and self.


Our goal is to inspire, educate, facilitate and support children in developing physical health, emotional stability and self-awareness through informed and experiential study, self-exploration and yoga. By teaching kids about the health benefits of practicing yoga, they are more likely to be dedicated to their practice when they understand the immediate and lasting positive effects of yoga.


Our vision is to create meaningful skills targeted towards today’s generation for understanding yoga and why it is beneficial to health. The program introduces information on the body, mind and self. It is also an exploration and training in the physical components of yoga: breathing, synchronized breath and movement, alignment, focus, concentration, effort, relaxation, finesse, balance, flexibility and equanimity.